Anabolic Steroids and Stomach Problems

androgens-and-anabolic-steroidsAnabolic Steroids are synthetic drugs resembling the testosterone, the sex hormone found in males, primarily responsible for the development of their sexual characteristics. In humans, both males as well as females, these anabolic drugs are known to promote the growth of muscles in general and lean tissue in particular.

They were mainly produced to treat conditions like the hypogonadism in which testes fail to secrete enough testosterone, imperative for normal sexual functioning. It has found other medical uses to treat body wasting caused by HIV infection, delayed puberty, impotence and other illnesses.

problems from anabolic steroids useIn present times, steroids are largely employed not just by medical personnel but professional as well as amateur bodybuilders. Bodybuilding has caught up as an increasing rage around the globe, with more and more people seeking to exercise their use for myriad purposes.

However, more often than not, steroids are believed to be abused with an intent of accelerating their effects in a limited span. They are either taken orally or injected in the muscles in patterns such as pyramiding, stacking and cycling. Medical science has yet not been able to prove its reduced affects even when consumed in a certain way as mentioned above; which indeed exposes the user to a vast gamut of side effectsteroids-4-728

Among its short-term effects such as paranoia, impaired judgment and delusions, it poses serious damage to the kidneys, liver, heart, blood and other physical aberrations. One of its most common side effects includes irritability of the stomach lining, sometimes causing bouts of pain to the user. They accentuate the secretion of acid in the stomach, thereby reducing the production of the protective mucus in the organ. This greatly increases the chances of stomach ulcer, causing immense abdominal discomfort.

Some people are also known to be suffering from frequent vomiting of the blood followed by nausea. A few have complained of developing a ‘bloated’ stomach as well, resulting in reduced physical activity.

As hazardous are the effects of anabolic steroid abuse as discussed, it becomes imperative for those inducing them to be completely aware of aberrations caused by them. However, when consumed with meals or milk, these substances are known to have reduced side effects, thus making it easier to get better results.